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‘Corrado’ Trailer

September 22, 2008

‘Double Duty’ On-Set Stills

September 22, 2008

‘Double Duty’ is HERE!

September 22, 2008

Sweet romantic action comedy takes a one-two punch in the right direction, adding the typically tough Tom Sizemore as a clean-cut softie in “Magificent Mimi’s” Double Duty’s action ring.

April 18, 2008 — Sweet romantic action comedy takes a one-two punch in the right direction, adding the typically tough Sizemore as a clean-cut softie in “Magificent Mimi’s” Double Duty’s action ring.

The well-known Tom Sizemore of Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down plays a departure role as Mimi’s metrosexual love interest. Lesseos states, “(Sizemore’s) agent approached us saying that if he played another bad-ass character, audiences wouldn’t give him another chance … People will love him as this lovely, good-looking, clean smelling guy with clean fingernails.”

Known worldwide by her fighting name, “Magnificent Mimi,” Lesseos was Hilary Swank’s stuntwoman in Million Dollar Baby, and star and fight choreographer in Streets of Rage. This “female Jackie Chan” contributed her knockout talent as a hilarious actress, champion martial artist, producer and screenwriter of the film.

Fellow striking talent include the always beautiful Connie Stevens; 1970’s sexpot Karen Black (Five Easy Pieces); Morgan Freeman’s talented son, Alphonso Freeman (The Bucket List, The Shawshank Redmption); and Wayne Bauer (Streets of Rage) on stunts. Directed by Stephen Eckelberry, Karen Black’s talented husband.

In this funny, action-packed film Lesseos stars as the object of Sizemore’s affection: a hardcore ex-marine trying to adjust to civilian life and discover her feminine side, with the help of best friend Sophia (Duerden). Many obstacles are thrown in her path, resulting in edge of your seat action every 7 pages of the script. Lesseos and Sizemore make a dynamic duo, touching our hearts while keeping us laughing from start to finish, and making Double Duty double the fun.

Double Duty is currently in post-production and will release in summer 2008.

Tom on UK TV Tomorrow Evening!

September 20, 2008

Tom’s movie ‘Black Hawk Dawn’ will be shown on UK TV tomorrow evening. 

The channel is Channel 5, and the time is 9:00pm.  The Channel 5 website has this to say:

what’s the score?

A veritable smorgasbord of phwoarsome actors are lined up for this gritty war movie based on a real-life mission in Somalia where US army rangers are dropped into Mogadishu with a lot of shooting, explosions and did we say, disastrous results?

watch out for the bit-parts

Black Hawk Down is one of those films where the bit-parters turned out to be future big-parters.

Ioan Gruffudd plays Beales
Ioan stepped from small-screen Hornblower fame and onto bigger and better Hollywood fare like Fantastic Four via this outing.

Orlando Bloom plays Blackburn
Straight out of Casualty and Midsomer Murders (for real), Orlando took on Black Hawk Down in 2001 just as Lord Of The Rings propelled him to mega-stardom as Legolas.

Hugh Dancy plays Schmid
Black Hawk Down was one of Hugh’s first movies before following Ioan into King Arthur and Shooting Dogs and erm, Basic Instinct 2.

‘Furnace’ Mini-Synopsis

September 20, 2008

MAXIMUM SECURITY. MAXIMUM FEAR With an all-star cast, including Tom Sizemore, Ja Rule and Danny Trejo, FURNACE goes deep inside the walls of a maximum-security prison.

When a number of brutal and suspicious deaths occur in and around the prison, detective Michael Turner, (Michael Pare) is brought in to investigate.

But what begins as just another suicide investigation quickly unfolds into a furious and frightening struggle to uncover the unexplainable, while escaping death at the hands of a vengeful spirit unleashed within the prison walls.

Tom’s ‘Furnace’ Bio

September 20, 2008

TOM SIZEMORE, Guard Frank Miller

(Black Hawk Down, Saving Private Ryan, Heat, Natural Born Killers)

Sizemore has a reputation for being intense on and off the screen, which is perfect for this role. He has worked with the most notable directors of today.

A commanding presence on screen, Tom has been well known for his numerous roles in dramatic classics such as his debut in Oliver Stone’s “Born on the Fourth of July”. His part in that along with his recurring role on the highly rated television drama “China Beach” were just the beginning for this talented actor. His performances in Spielberg’s “Saving Private Ryan”, “Black Hawk Down”, “Heat” and “Natural Born Killers” are perhaps the greatest examples of this extreme talent.

Specializing in the sort of ultimate tough guy/manly man roles that hearken back to a different era in film, Sizemore continues to be a favorite of Hollywood’s greatest directors and will continue to be one of its greatest actors.

Tom Sizemore Doll for ‘Heat’

September 20, 2008

Website designer designed figures for the main characters in ‘Heat’ and I thought you guys would be amused to see Tom’s figure.  A lot of work and detail has gone into these fantastic pieces, though I’m not sure that facially they are all that correct. 

FANTASTIC ‘Super Capers’ On Set Photos

September 15, 2008

‘Super Capers’ Has COMPLETED! Synopsis

September 15, 2008

Directed by: Ray Griggs

Action + Adventure + Comedy + Fantasy + Sci-Fi

Would-be superhero, Ed Gruberman, who possesses no super powers must join a team of misfit heroes-in-training known as The Super Capers. Having only faith, Gruberman must travel through time to uncover an evil plot involving some gold bullion, a fiery femme fatale, and a criminal mastermind with a dark secret about Ed’s past.

Christine Lakin … Red
Tom Sizemore … Roger Cheatem
Danielle Harris … Felicia Freeze
Doug Jones … Agent Smith #1
Chris Owen … Igniter Boy
Adam West … Cab Driver
Michael Rooker … The Dark Winged Vesper
Tommy ‘Tiny’ Lister … Sarge
Clint Howard … Mugger
Sam Lloyd … Herman Brainard
Jon Polito … Captain Sludge
Ryan McPartlin … Will Powers
Justin Whalin … Ed Gruberman
June Lockhart … Mother
Taylor Negron … Chauffer
Pat Crawford Brown … Gertrude
Steve Braun … Agent Guard
Isaac C. Singleton Jr. … Agent Smith #2
Camille Solari … Lady in Distress
Oliver Muirhead … Herbert Q
Paul Terrell Clayton … Police Officer
Ray Griggs … Puffer Boy
Bobby ‘Slim’ Jones … Cretan
Beverly Long … Marge
Pancho Moler … Robo

Will Powers
Puffer Boy

Agent Smith 1
Captain Sludge
The Dark Winged Vesper
Agent Smith 2

Amazing ‘Robbery Homicide Division’ Photo Gallery

September 10, 2008